Networking – More than an Art

More than an Art, networking is a complete expression of who we are. It is skill which flows from confidence, personal energy, knowledge of self and honesty of expression as well as the value that we bring to collaboration. It does not over emphasize you except to the extent of your interest in others and… Read More »

Cyber Risk Insurance: What is it? Part I

So, what’s the big deal, aren’t the risks of the cyber world covered by a business insurance policy? The answer is a ‘maybe’ but if so, then not adequately. For instance, some business property insurance programs provide limited coverage for Electronic Vandalism (generally a malware event or hacking incident). Electronic Vandalism coverage may apply to… Read More »

Privacy Policies and Disclosures – What’s the Big Deal?

Dealing with privacy and cyber risks can be daunting, but it does not have to be; it’s just a matter of re-framing the conversation to reflect the fact that your web site, mobile app and digital footprint are an extension of your organization’s real estate. You would not consider entering into a real estate or… Read More »

Not Sure What to Expect?

If you are not sure what you expect, then how can your expectations be met? No one would dispute the value of a well-structured commercial and professional liability insurance program, particularly during business development negotiations or after a claim. A proper program needs to address critical business needs which include risk management, contractual obligations, business… Read More »

When Insurance Fails To Meet Expectations

When insurance fails to meet expectations the parties are often surprised by the failure… failure should be expected. The nature of insurance is somewhat of an anomaly. Insurance is one of most widely used, yet least understood, contracts. It is the lynch pin of the modern economy facilitating and underlying most modern economic transactions as… Read More »