Environmental and Pollution Insurance

Environmental insurance and pollution insurance are in essence two different types of insurance policies. Each one has the potential to have a deep impact on businesses today as well as the planet. Depending on the nature of your business, it may be worthwhile to invest in one or both of these policies.

Types of Environmental Insurance to Consider

Hinging on the specific industry or type of business you operate, you may have greater or lesser risks of damaging other homes and/or businesses — not to mention other people or the planet through your business practices. You may need one or more of the following environmental insurance policies.

Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance – This is a specialized policy that covers liability issues stemming from pollution and, in some instances, helps with the costs of cleaning up after pollution events.

Environmental Consultants Errors and Omissions Policies – This is another specialized policy that helps to insulate businesses from the high costs of mounting a legal defense when accused of professional negligence or mistakes made in your capacity as an environmental consultant.

Remediation Cost Cap Coverage – Because the nature of many environmental spills and pollution events are so expensive, cost cap policies help to pay for unanticipated costs or those that exceed the estimated costs. This can be caused by many things including the discovery of additional contamination, poor base cost estimates, or even changes in regulations and requirements.

Pollution Cleanup Indemnity Coverage – The Federal Water Pollution Control Act imposes certain responsibility for cleaning up pollution caused by their vessels in the event of spills or other disasters to vessel owners and operators. This policy is designed to protect them from these liabilities.

Underground Storage Tank Pollution Liability – Above and below ground storage tanks have been used for decades to store a wide range of materials. They are commonly used in industries such as:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Garages
  • Service Stations
  • Airports
  • And more

Unfortunately, when these tanks leak, the cleanup efforts required are not inexpensive and they can cause damage to the environment by seeping into runoff water and getting into community water supplies. Underground storage tank pollution liability coverage helps to insulate your business from many of those costs.

Types of Pollution Insurance Worth Considering

Pollution is a growing problem around the world. While great strides have been taking, from a statutory point of view, to correct the problem, there are still companies that fail to comply.

Rather the result of oversight, disinterest, or accident, pollution happens – far too often for the good of the planet.

Prompt attention and cleanup is necessary when it does and the right insurance products all businesses the tools they need with which to address the issues promptly and effectively.

These are some of the policies businesses need in order to get moving on their cleanup efforts.

Premises Pollution Liability Insurance (PPL) – Offers pollution insurance coverage for property owners, operators, and managers. This coverage extends to sudden, gradual, or accidental first and third-party environmental liability issues.

Public Educational Entity Pollution Liability Insurance – Offers the same protection afforded PPL insurance coverage as it pertains to public entities such as government agencies, public schools, private schools, and colleges or universities.

Healthcare Premises Pollution Liability Insurance – Coverage extends to owners and operators or healthcare facilities and addresses unique risks related to the industry including business interruption coverage, catastrophe management, and decontaminations costs related to the pollution event.

Contractors Pollution Liability – Covers not only bodily injury and property damage claims made by third parties, but also the costs of remediation stemming from the pollution event.

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