Wholesale Commercial Insurance

Wholesale businesses and distributors have unique needs when it comes to insurance coverage. At Phoenix Insurance Group we understand those needs – especially as they related to Central and North New Jersey businesses. We work to create wholesale commercial insurance packages that are customized to the specific and unique needs your wholesale operation faces.

Whole Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial insurance for wholesale businesses is about protection from the unexpected. We have the coverage options and flexibility to do just that.

From the common insurance needs all businesses face, such as general liability coverage, workers’ compensation insurance, and business owner’s policies (BOPs) to more specialized coverage options for wholesale businesses like those mentioned below, we can protect you from life’s little uncertainties so you can get your business back on track when they occur.

  • Loss of Inventory
  • Property in Transit Coverage
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage
  • Completed Products Coverage
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Leased Equipment Coverage
  • Valuable Papers Coverage

There are so many products available for businesses today that it’s important to talk with a trusted name in the industry so that you can be sure you’re getting the coverage you need to protect your wholesale business needs.

Which Wholesale Businesses Need Insurance Coverage?

The bottom line is that all businesses operating today need insurance coverage. If you’re worried about nothing else at all, you should be highly concerned over potential liability issues.

It takes one person being hurt as a result of the products you sell and one sympathetic jury to put your business and personal finances in serious peril. It’s not all from jury awards either.

The cost of defending your business from accusations of negligence or wrongdoing are astronomical. One lawsuit, can bring your business to its knees, financially speaking, before an award or settlement is even offered.

From general wholesale organizations to those that service specific industries like:

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Wholesalers
  • Restaurant Equipment Wholesalers
  • Clothing, appliance, Computer Equipment, Flower, and Hardware Wholesalers
  • Electronic Wholesalers
  • Plumbing Supply Wholesalers
  • And more!

For a wide range of other wholesalers, Phoenix Insurance Group has the right plan for the right price to protect the needs of your business.

Risks Wholesale Business Face

Every business faces risk. Successful businesses, though, are the ones that learn how to mitigate their risks – or at least minimize the impact those risks will have on their bottom lines.

At Phoenix Insurance Group our goal is to help your wholesale business pick itself up and get back on its feet quickly in the aftermath of any storm that comes its way (whether literal or figurative). These are just a few of the unique risks your wholesale business may need help mitigating.

Damage and Theft

Products have a real threat of becoming damaged in warehouses or simply disappearing from them. While it’s important to take the necessary precautions to avoid this from happening or, at the very least, catching the perpetrators in the act, your business can’t afford to lose the inventory it is responsible for. We help you uncover your loss history, identify areas where improvements must be made, and provide protection for future losses.

Supply Chain Risks

As a wholesaler, your supply chain is the lifeline of your business. Insurance protection from possible problems arising from supply chain problems and risks (war, famine, civil unrest, transportation issues, etc.) and the damage they can cause to your business.

Phoenix Insurance Group is dedicated to helping wholesale businesses in Central and North New Jersey reduce risks and minimize recovery time in the aftermath of covered events. Call Phoenix Insurance Group at 908-879-6500 today to learn what types and amounts of coverage will serve your wholesale business best.