Life & Health

Life and health are two of the most important things you can protect, right? Phoenix Insurance Group offers a wide range of life and health insurance products with that important task in mind. These products are designed not only to preserve life and quality of life, but also to protect and, in some cases, comfort those who are left behind.

Group Health Insurance

For businesses offering benefits packages, group health benefits are one of the most critical benefits to offer. Under The Affordable Care Act, small businesses are identified as those that have between two and 50 employees. Group benefits come in four tiers:

  1. Platinum plans, covering as much as 90 percent of medical expenses.
  2. Golf plans, covering up to 80 percent of medical costs.
  3. Silver plans, offering coverage for up to 70 percent of medical expenses.
  4. Bronze plans, which offer coverage for as much as 60 percent of your medical costs.

Life Insurance

Whatever the reason you decide to buy life insurance, there is a plan that’s sure to provide the benefits you’re looking for. We understand that the decision to buy life insurance is one of the most difficult you’ll face, but the reasons for doing so make it an investment well worth making for the people you love and may someday leave behind.

Whole life policies lock in the rates from your initial purchase, while the rates for term life policies increase at the end of every term.

Disability Insurance

Sometimes, events happen that are life altering. These are the moments that often lead to long-term, if not permanent, disabilities. Unfortunately, most people do not learn, until these times, that they are not insured for the lost income that comes about as a result of these accidents, illnesses, and injuries.

Don’t let this happen to you. Invest in the coverage that just may someday protect the financial interests of your entire family by replacing a portion of your income if you should become disabled.

Dental Plans

Good dental health is a requirement for good overall health. Companies that understand this fundamental truth will have a much easier time attracting and keeping quality employees. There are several different dental plans your business can offer including:

  • Dental PPO Plans
  • Dental HMO Plans
  • Dental Maintenance Organizations
  • Fee for Service Coverage
  • Discount Dental Plans

401k Plans

The 401k plan is an employee contributed retirement fund that allows employees to defer taxes until they begin receiving payments from the 401k upon retirement. Employees appreciate the fact that contributions to their 401k plans are not taxed because the money is deposited into their retirement accounts before taxes on income are assessed.

Pension Plans

Before 401k plans were the next big deal, pension plans represented the bulk of employment-related retirement options. Pension plans remain a highly effective and much-appreciated retirement option among employees today. Among the reasons for this popularity is that the bulk of the funding for pensions comes from the employer rather than the employee.


Many people are taking their financial retirement plans into their own hands. One popular option among individuals interested in creating recurring income throughout retirement is the annuity. Investors have the option of fixed annuities, variable annuities, and indexed annuities. Among those you have the option of deferred or immediate annuities.

Phoenix Insurance Group believes that outstanding service is the missing ingredient in so many insurance agencies today. We’re committed to offering outstanding service before and after the sale so that you never feel you’re in this alone. Please call us at: 908-879-6500 with any questions or concerns you have over life and health insurance coverage today.