Insurance is one of the most important purchases you, as a homeowner, can make for your home. Choosing the right homeowners insurance coverage is just as important though. Without the right coverage, important things might not be covered or might slip through the cracks.

Phoenix Insurance Group understands the importance of getting your coverage right from the very start. That’s why we work with you to examine your individual needs as homeowners, as well as unique needs that apply to the structure of your home or the contents your home holds.

Who Needs Insurance for Homeowners?

The bottom line is this: if you own a home, you need homeowners insurance. It’s not simply about protecting the investment you’ve made in your home. It’s also about protecting your interests and assets from liability claims if someone is hurt on your property or someone else’s property (or person) is damaged by your property.

For instance, if a limb from a tree on your property falls on your neighbor’s car and crushes the roof, you may be found liable for the costs of repairing or replacing said neighbor’s car. The general liability insurance in your homeowner’s insurance policy will help you pay for the legal costs involved as well as judgments or settlements against you.

For the most part, though, the insurance coverage to replace your home is more vital – especially to anyone who is still paying a mortgage. The insurance you purchase for the contents of your home will help you replace possessions that are lost as a result of a covered event, such as:

  • Fire
  • Storm
  • Theft
  • Hail
  • Wind
  • Other Named Perils

Specialty Insurance Worth Considering

A general homeowner’s policy covers certain standard perils and issues homeowners face. We know that it’s in your best interest, though, to dig deeper and make sure your home is covered for a broad scope of needs including some or all of the following.

Flood Insurance

While there’s no shortage of waterfront property in New Jersey, you don’t need to live near the water to be at risk of floods or in need of flood insurance. Floods are destructive and can be devastating for homes that aren’t protected against them. Flood insurance is not part of a standard homeowner’s policy though.

Floods often occur with little warning and they damage everything the water touches. Flood insurance is one additional type of insurance protection the average family in New Jersey can’t afford to live without.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

Liability coverage is important for homeowners in our litigious society. The standard liability coverage is somewhat limited though. One severe accident or injury can easily deplete the standard coverage amounts and leave your family on the hook for the remaining award. Umbrella liability coverage kicks in at this point and helps to protect your property and other assets.


Some families have heirlooms, valuable collections, or expensive electronics. You may even have valuable jewels, antiques, artwork, or furs. The standard insurance policy has a limit for these items. It is rarely enough to replace or restore the items lost. Endorsements allow you to purchase additional coverage, up to the value of your collection.

Finding out too late that you have the wrong coverage or an inadequate amount of coverage is something nobody wants to face. That’s why it’s so important to work with a reputable agency, like Phoenix Insurance Group, to make sure you’re covered for life’s not-so-pleasant surprising as they arise.

Phoenix Insurance Groups understands the unique needs homeowners in Central and North New Jersey face at all seasons of the year. Count on us to help you get your the right coverage you need at a price that’s also right. Call 908-879-6500 today to learn more.