Recreational Vehicles

Recreational vehicles represent many different things to many different people. For some it’s the freedom to pick up and go at any time. For others, it is your way of taking a little bit of home with you – no matter how far away from home you roam.

Just as RVs mean different things to different people, there are all types of RVs to meet all those needs in their own unique ways. No matter what kind of RV you own, or how you intend to use your RV, Phoenix Insurance Group offers the right insurance product to keep those needs covered.

What Kind of Coverage do RV Owners Need?

RV ownership typically means that you travel frequently and for long distances, take in sights, and enjoy a nomadic existence as you take in the beauty of your surroundings. Unfortunately, all this traveling leaves you vulnerable to accidents, burglary, and random acts of nature.

When these things occur, you need to have confidence that the insurance for your RV will adequately cover any liabilities or damages you incur. These types of coverage, in additional to standard vehicle-related insurance coverages, will help with that.

Personal Belongings Coverage – Chances are that you brought quite a few creature comforts from home along with you. That’s part of the beauty of using an RV. You can carry the things that matter most wherever you go. Without personal belongings coverage, however, you could be faced with the expense of replacing all the items you bring along.

Full Replacement Cost Coverage – Depreciation can take a big bite out of insurance settlements – especially for items like RVs. If your RV is totaled or stolen, full replacement coverage eliminates the bitter bite of depreciation.

Emergency Expense Allowance – This coverage comes in the form of reimbursement for hotel and food expenses (up to a certain amount for a predetermined total coverage amount) when you become stranded 100 miles or more from home.

Full-Timer Coverage – Some people choose to live in their RVs year round. Whether it’s the allure of constant travel or simply a lifestyle choice to downsize possessions and living space, you’ll need this specific coverage in order to provide better protection for your RV and your possessions.

Types of RVs Covered

Anyone who has purchased an RV understands that there are many different types of models available. Believe it or not, there is insurance for RVs available for all the many types of recreational vehicles on the road today, including:

  • Fifth Wheels
  • Camper Trailers
  • Motor Homes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Pop-up Campers
  • Expandable Travel Trailers
  • Truck Campers
  • Sport Utility RVs
  • Park Model RVs

The bottom line is that if you consider it to be an RV and purchased it as such, the odds are good that there is an insurance coverage that’s perfect for your needs.

Saving Big on RV Coverage?

Of course it goes without saying that RVs are a substantial investment. Even if you purchased a previously owned model, the costs can be high. The last thing you want to do is pay more for insurance than is necessary. At the same time, it is necessary to have adequate coverage for your RV. These are a few great ways to save.

First, bundle your RV policies with other insurance products from the same company.

Next, clean up your driving record, if needed.

Finally, call Phoenix Insurance Group at 908-879-6500 for an audit of your current RV or fifth wheel insurance coverage to determine if it’s the right amount of coverage, if you need better protection, or if you’re potentially over-insured.